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9 Living Seeds, Original, 1kg


Pura Veda, a blend of nature is a wholesome and nutritious food source, filled with vitamins, minerals and essential omega 3s. Packed with wholesome unprocessed uncut seeds and ancient grains. Pura Veda is a tasty nutritious natural alternative to the commercial cereals found on the supermarket shelves. Sweetened with the natural goodness of sun dried raisins, Pura Veda contains no added sugars, salts or fats. It is free from preservatives, additives, flavourings and genetic modifications.

Pura Veda not only provides a great source of protein and fibre, it also helps to cleanse and revitalize our bodies. With the goodness of seeds, grains and fruit in conjunction with a nutritionally balanced diet Pura Veda will help optimize our life style.

Every serving of Pura Veda holds a world of natural unprocessed goodness.

All natural Packed with antioxidants
Gluten free High in fibre
Wheat free High in Omega 3
Yeast free Low in salt
Nut free  Low in sugar
Preservative free Whole grains
GM free  Easily digestible
Dairy free  Ayurvedic food